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Fork Lift Attachments Hire

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Forklift Combi Skip


The fork lift combi skip provides a general purpose waste collection and material transport option.

Forklift Equipment Platform


Fork lift equipment platforms are ideal for lifting irregular loads onto mezzanine floors and other high areas.

Forklift Extending Jib


Fork lift extending jib on the hire fleet enables a forklift to lift items from the top and also to extend loads out enabling for great flexibility for lifting and positioning loads.

Forklift Extension Forks


Fork lift extensions are a great addition for lifting wide loads or for positioning items at a greater distance from the fork. The extension forks fit easily over the existing forks.

Forklift Lifting Hook


The hire fleet lifting hook sets a fixed hook under the foks enabling users to lift items from the top.

Forklift Magnet


Fork lift magnet attachments are the attachment to use for collecting waste metal filings.

Forklift Sweeper


Forklift sweeper attachment used for cleaning large floor areas such as industrial units.

Forklift Work Access Platform


Fork lift work access platform enable workers to access heights safely for maintenance and inspection.