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Lifting Accessories Hire

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Chain Slings


Chain slings for hire are a great lifting accessory. The chain slings come in different weight capacities with a different number of legs and leg length. Either some or all of the lifting legs can be used and the length of each leg can be adjusted using shortening clutches.

Collar Slings


Collar slings are great to hire for general purpose lifting operations. Can be used to connect a piece of lifting equipment to an item ready for lifting, a great alternative to web slings and not as easily damaged.

Eye Bolts


Eye bolts for screwing into places to provide a lifting point.

Plate Clamps


Plate clamps and grabs are used in conjuction with chain blocks and chain slings for the lifting of steel plate. We stock both vertical and horizontal plate clamps.



Shackles, used for attaching lifting gear together.

Snatch Blocks


Snatch blocks, simple way of lifting items with rope with the safety feature of the snatch should the user let go of the rope.

Web Slings


Web slings used for attaching or wrapping round items which need to be lifted, often used instead of collar chains because the web slings don't damage the items been lifted. Web slings come in verying tonnes and length and can be single length or circular.