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Alligator Saws


Alligator saws are a safer alternative to chain saws. The alligator saws can be hired to chop wood upto 2" thick, a great tool for cutting small trees and branches.



The vertical bandsaws for hire cut wood accurately and quickly, a great tool for the workshop when extra capacity is required. Can also cut aluminium.

Circular Saws


Circular saws for hire, a great power tool for straight cuts through timber.

Compound Mitre Saws


Compound mitre saws are a must for anyone working with wood, whether you need to cut material with a straight cut or with a mitre or even a bevel the compound mitre saw has the functionality. We stock 8", 10" and 12" mitre saws.

Flip Over Saws


Flip over saws are ingenious tools which can be a mitre saw and a table saw simply by flipping over the saw. Mounted on four legs for easy operation but also with four floor points so it can equally be used on the floor.



Jigsaws for hire to cut shapes and other intricate cutting of timber.

Reciprocating Saws


Reciprocating saws are handy to hire for chopping out wood or cutting branches. Not really for accurate cutting.

Site Saw Bench


Site saw benches are essential items to hire on site, great for general purpose cutting of timber. Fitted with a 300mm blade it has the power for most requirements.