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Beam Lifter 600kg

Beam Lifter

The unique beam lifter from muba is a simple and effective machine for lifting beams. It has a simple screw.
Counter Balance Floor Crane

Counter Balance Floor

Counterbalance floor cranes enable the lifting and moving of items even when access is limited by footing room. Ideal for.
Counter Balance Material Lift (Genie Lift)

Counter Balance Material Lift (Genie

The counter lift material lift is ideal for lifting items close to a wall or on a floor edge and.
GML800 Wienold Material Lift

GML800 Wienold Material

The Weinold GML800+/25 is a great new addition to the hire fleet. With a massive 800kg lift capacity and in.


Gantries for hire, we have very strong and hard to damage steel gantries and lighter weight aluminium gantries with variable heights and widths. Also easy to put together.

Genie Lifts


Genie lifts, the most common lifting equipment on site. Able to lift all kinds of equipment to varying heights plus.
Girder Clamps and Trolleys

Girder Clamps and Trolleys

Girder clamps and girder trolleys provide lifting points for chain blocks, pull lifts, wire hoists and other lifting equipment.

Glass Suckers


The Veribor 601L glazing suckers on our hire fleet are far superior to the lift arm style glazing suckers. The.
Hoists and Chain Blocks

Hoists and Chain Blocks

Hoists ranging from manual chain blocks to electric and pneumatic hoists and wire rope hoists for hire.

Hydraulic Engine Crane

Hydraulic Engine

Engine cranes were manufactured for lifting engines from vehicles, but are often used for a multitude of other applications.
Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps used for hydraulically powering a range of equipment, from lifting cylinders, spreader wedges, cable cutters, crimpers and torque equipment.

Hydraulic Spreaders and Wedges

Hydraulic Spreaders and

Hydraulic spreaders and wedges, we stock all sizes of wedges ranging from 500kg to over 25 tonne of force, great.
Kerb Handling


Kerb handling and locating tools for the quick and easy installing of kerb stones.
Lifting Accessories

Lifting Accessories

Hire chain slings, collar chains, web slings, bow shackles, eyebolts and much more.

Lifting Cylinders, Rams and Jacks

Lifting Cylinders, Rams and Jacks

Lifting cylinders area great universal lifting tool to hire. Lifting cylinders can be used on there side or vertically for lifting or pushing. Cylinders come in all different weight ranges and sizes. Jacks and Toe jacks give great heights of lift.

Magnetic Lifters


Magnetic lifters are excellent for lifting steel plate and pipe into place, no need for plate grabs or specialist pipe.
Pull Lifts


Pull lifts for hire, an excellent univeral lifting and pulling item. Can be used to pick items up vertically or.
Rope Gin Wheel

Rope Gin

Gin wheels for simple lifting operations with rope.
Shear Legs


Shear legs are a great lightweight low level alternative to lifting gantries. Can be used for lowering loads down through.
Spreader Beams Modular

Spreader Beams

Modular spreader beams can be set to varying sizes depending on the load width required. Essential lifting accessory for wide.


Tirfors for hire for use on a wide range of operations from general purpose lifting and pulling to extracting privot.

Tedbar Tinker Hire Company

Tedbar Tinker Hire is a professional hire company which concentrate on the most specialist of machines. Our specialisms include welder generators upto 300 amps and also invertors, TIG, MIG, Spot and one handed petrol arc units. Our lifting section contains a comprehensive stock of all lifting requirements, including Rams Jacks, Hoists Chain blocks Pull lifts Tirfors Genie material hoists girder clamps, trolleys, pipe barrows and machine moving skates.

Our access section contains all types of scaffold, podium steps and youngmans, with our powered access section containing the scissor lifts and boom lifts. If its power generation you are looking for, we have generators upto 75kva and compressors upto 400cfm. In addition to all of these specialised areas our general hire section is packed with everything you could possible require. Rivet busters, corner drills, magnetic drills and rotabores, bowsers, pumps.

There are items you will not find anywhere else such as the grit blast pots available for hire, tapping heads, impact wrenches and torque multipliers. Plus the very useful hole punching systems and trumpf plate bevellers. We also have Pipe threading ability upto 6″ 150mm.