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Magnetic Rotabores Hire

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Air Magnetic Rotabores


Pneumatic (air) magnetic rotabores are essential to hire for drilling on no sparks sites such as petrochemical plants. Due to the motor been powered by air the magnetic drill is virtually indestructable.

Angle and Low Height Magnetic Rotabores


Angle magnetic rotabores are the essential tool to hire for drilling steel and other metals in tight areas. Also low profile Jancy Magforces allow for conventional power coupled with a low profile

Magnetic Rotabores Standard


Magnetic rotabores are robust and fast at drilling steel and other metals, whether you need a mini magnetic rotabore for upto 32mm holes or our larger machines for drilling upto 100mm, we have the magnetic rotabores for hire.

Special Magnetic Drill/Rotabore Accessories


For all the awkward situations, whether it be drilling holes in pipe or drilling holes in stainless steel, we have the attachments for hire to make it happen.