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Torque Hire

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Angle Head Impact Wrenches - Pneumatic


We hire angle head impact wrenches in 1/2" square drive and 1" square drive. These unique machines are indespensible when fastening or loosening bolts in tight spaces.

Flogging and Podger Spanners


Flogging and Podger spanners for heavy duty bolt tasks and hole alignment.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench


Hiring hydraulic torque wrenches give the user a very portable torque tool with the ability to torque bolts to massive values. The hydraulic torque wrench comes with a hydraulic pump which not only provides the pressure but also allows for the control of torque through the hydraulic pressure.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench - Low Profile


Low profile hydraulic torque wrenches are similar in the speed and action of the standard hydraulic torque wrenches, but are almost flat in appearance. An excellent tool for getting into tight spaces.

Impact Sockets and Hexagon Inserts


We stock a full range of impact sockets on the hire fleet ranging from 10mm through to 150mm with square drives from 1/2" to 1 1/2". We also stock adapters, universal joints and extension bars.

Impact Wrenches - Cordless


Cordless impact wrenches are great for tightening or loosening bolts in places where power is hard to get to or is not available.

Impact Wrenches - Electric


We stock on the hire fleet 110v impact wrenches from 1/2", 3/4 and the very powerful 1" impact wrench with a maximum torque limit of 1000nm.

Impact Wrenches - Pneumatic


Pneumatic impact wrenches on the hire fleet are the most powerful available. We hire a full range of 1/2", 3/4" and 1" square drive impact wrenches and in addition three different types of 1 1/2" impact wrenches from 4000nm to 6600nm.

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers


Pneumatic torque multipliers are the tool to hire when multiple bolts need loosening or tightening to accurate values. The pneumatic torque multipliers are similar in size to impact wrenches but with an added reaction bar, all the multipliers hired come with the Filter, Lubricator, Regulator which regulates the air flow and dictates the torque produced.

Torque Multipliers


We hire manual torque multipliers from 1700nm to 9500nm with ratio's from 5:1 to 125:1. Manual torque multipliers come into there own when torque wrenches cannot reach the torque values required or the torque wrench needed is too long for the work space. A simple to use tool giving the ability for the smallest of torque wrenches to reach values of 9500nm.

Torque Wrenches (< 800NM)


We stock a full range of torque wrenches, this section deals with our small torque wrenches ranging from 8nm upto 700nm. All our torque wrenches come with a current calibration certificated ensuring the user has confidence in the results.

Torque Wrenches (>= 800NM)


We have the largest torque wrenches available for hire ranging from the Norbar 4AR 1000NM torque wrench to the Norbar 5AR 1500NM torque wrench and finally the biggest torque wrench on our hire fleet and available on the market; the Norbar 6R 2000NM Torque Wrench!