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Air Carbon Arc Gouging

Air Carbon Arc

Hire air carbon arc gouging sets to cut and remove steel and other metals very quickly. The air carbon arc.
Braising Set


Braising sets for hire, for joining metals together. Considered a lot simpler than welding and requires less equipment.
Conventional Rotators and Idlers

Conventional Rotators and

The conventional rotators and idlers allow foe a smooth rotation of vessels during welding. Along with the rotator multiple idlers.
Fume Extractors


Fume extractors for extracting weld fumes and filtering, allowing for the air to be returned from the extractor 99% clean.
Gas Burning Torch

Gas Burning

Gas burning torch for hire, also known as oxy acetylene welding and oxy propane burning. Basically the same equipment with.
MIG Welders


Hire MIG welders to give your workshop that extra welding capacity and also for large jobs why not use a.
MMA Welders – Diesel

MMA Welders –

Our diesel welder hire fleet range from 200amp to 300amp and the powerful 400amp welders. The welders have the ability.
MMA Welders – Electric

MMA Welders –

Electric powered MMA welders are the hassle free way to get welding power. The electric welders are very durable and.
MMA Welders – Petrol

MMA Welders –

Hire petrol welders for giving both welding and generating ability anywhere. The petrol welders have an ability to provide upto.
Ovens and Quivers

Ovens and

Welding ovens and quivers for hire for ensuring the welding electrode rods are at the optimum humidity level and temperature.
Plasma Cutters


Plasma cutters for hire, excellent machines for cutting metals including steel and stainless steel accurately. Our plasma machine hire fleet.
Plastic Welder


Plastic welder for welding roofing seams and also vinyl floor seams plus other plastic welding operations. Comes complete with all.
Spot Welders


The hire fleet spot welders are an excellent welding machine for welding thin sheet together, especially useful for car body.
Straight Line Burner (Quickie)

Straight Line Burner

Hire a straight line burner, also known as a ‘quickie’ to cut lengths of steel fast, accurately, simply and with.
Stud Welder


Our new hire fleet stud welder range has revolutionised the use of drawn arc stud welding. The hire fleet HBS.
TIG Welders – AC-DC

TIG Welders –

The hire fleet AC-DC high frequency welders for hire are specially designed to give the extra capability of AC welding.
TIG Welders – Hi Frequency

TIG Welders – Hi

Hi frequency TIG welders are the most common machine to hire for TIG welding, simply by pressing a button on.
TIG Welders – Scratch Start

TIG Welders – Scratch

The hire fleet scratch start welders are the simpliest machines to TIG weld. Simply ‘scratch’ the tungsten along the work.
Welding Accessories


We stock a full range of welding accessories on the hire fleet ranging from remote control boxes, earth rods, link.
Welding Leads


All our welders come complete with 10 metres of welding leads but if more is required we stock a full.
Welding Screens


Welding screens are essential for health and safety especially when working in open spaces where other workers or the public.
Worker / Welders Shelter

Worker / Welders

Worker and welders tent shelters are indispensible when working in the elements and protection is needed for the workforce.

Tedbar Tinker Hire Company

Tedbar Tinker Hire is a professional hire company which concentrate on the most specialist of machines. Our specialisms include welder generators upto 300 amps and also invertors, TIG, MIG, Spot and one handed petrol arc units. Our lifting section contains a comprehensive stock of all lifting requirements, including Rams Jacks, Hoists Chain blocks Pull lifts Tirfors Genie material hoists girder clamps, trolleys, pipe barrows and machine moving skates.

Our access section contains all types of scaffold, podium steps and youngmans, with our powered access section containing the scissor lifts and boom lifts. If its power generation you are looking for, we have generators upto 75kva and compressors upto 400cfm. In addition to all of these specialised areas our general hire section is packed with everything you could possible require. Rivet busters, corner drills, magnetic drills and rotabores, bowsers, pumps.

There are items you will not find anywhere else such as the grit blast pots available for hire, tapping heads, impact wrenches and torque multipliers. Plus the very useful hole punching systems and trumpf plate bevellers. We also have Pipe threading ability upto 6″ 150mm.