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Genie Z30 Cherry Picker 10.89m


The Genie Z30/22 RJ is a versatile and compact articulated boom cherry picker. Able to reach working heights of over 10 metres but transit through gaps only 1.19 metres wide.

Genie Z34 Cherry Picker 12.52m


The Genie Z34/22 is an excellent machine for working indoors and out. Able to fit through a standard double door yet reach heights of over 12 metres with enough basket space for two operatives.

Genie Z45 Cherry Picker 16m


We have an extensive hire fleet of Genie Z45 cherry pickers. Z45's are known as the industry standard when it comes to articulated booms (cherry pickers), with the ability to reach nearly 16 metres with a large basket for multiple users. We stock bi-fuel diesel/electric and diesel only models.

Genie Z60 Cherry Picker 20.1m


The Genie Z60's on the hire fleet are large cherry pickers for use on industrial and construction sites. The Z60's have the ability to negotiate rough terrain using its powerful motor.

Nifty HR12ND Cherry Picker 12m


Hire Nifty HR12N Cherry pickers when acces is needed at height in awkward situations on the ground and even on above ground floor levels. If you need to drive down narrow aisles such as in factories and industrial complexes, the Nifty HR12 at 1.5 metres wide can handle the task. If you need to access areas over racking or other obstacles the cherry picker is the machine to hire, with it's articulated arms it can position itself in very awkway situations. Due to its lightweight it can also be used on floo

Nifty HR17N Cherry Picker 17m


The Nifty HR17N is a versatile machine with the ablity to reach heights greater than the Z45's but can also fit through a standard double doorway. The HR17N also has both battery powered and diesel powered motors.

Pop-Up Scissor Platform 1.6m


Pop up scissors provide a powered access method of reaching low heights with the advantage of the unit being very lightweight.

Scissor Lift Diesel 11.5m


Diesel scissor lifts provide access on uneven surfaces, the diesel scissor lifts can be hired for considerable rough terrain as it stabalisers itself using the four stabalisers. Not only does it provide access on uneven terrain it also allows for working at height away from electrical supplies unlike electric scissor lifts which need to be recharged.

Scissor Lift Electric 11.5m


Large scissor lifts provide access to high areas with a large lifting capacity, the scissor lifts are able to lift 318kg to well over 11 metre working height meaning not only are they invaluable for workforce access but also for lifting machinery into place.

Scissor Lift Electric 11.5m Narrow


The hire fleet Genie GS3232's are unique scissor lifts, they have the width and characteristics of a small scissor lift but, with the help of mini stabalisers can nearly reach the height of the largest electric scissors. This functionality is useful when navigating the narrow aisles of factories and industrial complexes.

Scissor Lift Electric 7.5m


small (mini) scissor lifts for hire provide a compact method of reaching great heights. Measuring only 0.81 metres wide yet able to reach working heights of 7.5 metres. When it comes to working at height there is not a more efficient way than powered access and mini scissor lifts. Not only do we have low hire rates we have very low transport rates.

Scissor Lift Electric 9.92m Narrow


The Genie GS2632 is a scissor lift that has the same width as the 'mini scissors' but can reach a working height of 9.92m, 2 metres more than the standard scissor lift. This makes the GS2632 an ideal scissor lift for reaching high points in buildings that only have single door access.